Weight Of Pontoon Boat

Pontoon Boat decorated for 4th of July

Built to easily travel on lakes, rivers, and other waterways, the pontoon boat has become one of the most popular types of boats to carry passengers.

Knowing what they weigh is crucial for several reasons, rom knowing if you can tow the pontoon to safety and performance.

So how much does a pontoon boat weigh?

On average, a pontoon boat weighs 2,200 pounds (997 kg).

Party boats and fishing pontoons with deep wells and other add-ons will weigh more.

A common rule of thumb is to figure any pontoon will weigh approximately 100 pounds (45 kg) per foot in length. That’s not a set-in-stone number but a good average to use.

Pontoon Boat with men fishing

Pontoons are designed to be easy to use and maintain and are comfortable, safe, and normally have plenty of storage.

Invented by Ambrose Weeres in the early 1950s, this type of boat is constructed from durable PVC, steel, aluminum, and plastic.

Pontoon Boat loaded full of people

Since the first of these vessels was produced in the 1950s, they have increased in popularity, and there is now a wide range of pontoon boats available today.

~ Fun Fact ~
Most people like to take a relaxing, leisurely cruise on a pontoon. However, this is not the case for Brad Rowland, who reached a top speed of 114 mph, or 99 knots, in his 2015 South Bay TriToon in 2013 in Missouri.

It’s believed Brad doesn’t want to stop there and is making improvements to his boat,
in an attempt to travel at a speed of more than 120 mph, or just over 104 knots!


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