Weight Of Pool Table

Red Pool Table

Pool has been one of the world’s most popular indoor activities for many years.

It’s not unusual to find pool tables inside many homes, as well as bars and recreation centers.

If you’ve ever had to move one, you know they feel very heavy.

But just how much does a pool table weigh?

On the lighter end, pool tables can weigh as little as 200 pounds (90 kg). Larger slate tables can weigh upwards of 2,500 pounds (1,133 kg).

Weights can vary, due in part to the thickness of the slate, as well as the materials used in the frame.

How Much Does A Slate Pool Table Weigh?

Slates weigh between 150 to 450 pounds (68 to 204 kg). Most pool tables have 3 slates weighing approximately 150 pounds each.

Single slate tables are also available, and this larger piece of slate can weigh as much as 450 pounds (204 kg). The weight of a slate pool table is 600 to 2,000 pounds (272 to 907 kg), on average.

Weights Of Various Pool Tables:

  • St Lawrence 8′ Pool Table – 700 pounds (317 kg)
  • Barrington Springdale 7′ 6″ Pool Table – 198 pounds (89 kg)
  • Fat Cat Reno 7′ Pool Table – 313 pounds (141 kg)
  • Augusta Non-Slate 8′ Pool Table – 352.5 pounds (159 kg)
  • Traditional Cedar Log 8′ Pool Table – 1,200 pounds (544 kg)
  • Minnesota Fats Fullerton™ 7.5′ Pool Table – 265 pounds (120 kg)
  • 7′ Pool Table with Snooker Full Set Accessories – 320 pounds (145 kg)
  • Glen Oaks Billiards 8′ Pool Table – 705 pounds (319 kg)
  • Yukon River 8′ Pool Table – 850 pounds (385 kg)
  • Donovan II Slatron 8′ Pool Table & Accessories – 365 pounds (165 kg)

Interesting Information about Pool Tables:

The game of pool emerged from the French game of billiards.

The first billiard or pool table is believed to have been made in the 1400s in France. This early version of the pool table is believed to have been owned by France’s King Louis XI.

Compared to today’s tables, it was a rough predecessor, made from a bed of flat stone. It was then covered with cloth and a hole in the center of the table where the balls had to be potted.

Green Pool Table

Pocket billiards, American style eight-ball, straight pool, and carom are just some of the variations of pool played today.

A typical pool table used to play these games include different components such as:

  • Rail cushions
  • Pockets
  • Play field
  • Cloth
  • Slate
  • Legs
  • Blinds
  • Cabinet side
  • Cabinet end
  • Top rails

Slate provides an even surface and a fine cloth covers it, so that pool balls can roll smoothly and properly. Different colored clothes are available, with green, blue, and red usually proving to be the most popular.

Blue Pool Table

~ Fun Fact ~
The playing area of a large number of pool tables is covered in green cloth, made from wool, and there’s a good reason for this. Early versions of pool were played on grass, and it was similar to croquet. When the game started to be played on tables, billiard and pool-table makers decided to use green cloth to represent the grass it used to be played on!


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