Weight Of Snowmobiles

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Designed to effortlessly travel through snow, the snowmobile is used for transport, for work, for leisure, and to save people’s lives in areas that experience extremely cold weather conditions.

So how much does a snowmobile weigh?

Snowmobiles come in a wide range of shapes and sizes, which means different models weigh different amounts.

Most two-stroke snowmobiles weigh between 400 and 600 pounds.

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Four-stroke models weigh more, with 1,000-pound-plus snowmobiles being produced.

Interesting Facts About Snowmobiles:

After many years of trying to invent a vehicle that could travel over snow, the first snowmobile-like vehicle was invented by Canadian Joseph-Armand Bombardier in 1922 when he was only 15 years old!

Since then, snowmobiles have evolved, and a wide range of more-advanced models have been manufactured by companies like Yamaha, Arctic Cat, Bombardier Recreational Products, and Polaris Industries.

Two-stroke and four-stroke snowmobiles are available, with different types in production, which include the sport trail snowmobile, trail snowmobile, touring snowmobile, performance snowmobile, utility snowmobile, crossover snowmobile, and the mountain snowmobile.

Two-stroke snowmobiles are lighter vehicles, which leads to better handling. They rev faster, cost less to purchase and run, and are easier to repair, if any problems occur.

Four-stroke models are also easy to maintain, are more environmentally friendly, are extremely durable, and last a long time.

One-person and multi-person models are available, with many different sizes available.

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The main components of a modern snowmobile include handlebars, throttle, windshield, headlights, hood, engine, skis, suspension, and instrument panel.

Fun Fact
With over 135,00 snowmobile trails throughout the United States, snowmobiling and activities associated with it has become very popular, and it is now a huge industry.

There are an estimated 2 million people across the United States who enjoy this leisure pursuit, with more than $26 billion being spent every year on this activity in the United States alone!


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