Weight Of Stone

Stone laying on sand

A stone is a commonly-used unit of weight.

It was first used as a standard weight unit in the UK in the fourteenth century.

So how much does a stone weigh?

The standard weight of one stone is 14 pounds.

Stone on white background

How Many Ounces Is One Stone?

There are 16 ounces in a pound. This means there are 224 ounces in a stone.

How Many Stone Is In A Ton?

A U.S. ton is equivalent to 142.857 stones.

How Much Is A Stone in Kilograms?

For those who prefer the metric system, one stone weighs 6.35029318 kilograms.

How Did It Come About As A Unit of Weight?

To standardize different weights, an item being weighed had to be compared to something specific. Rocks were one of the most abundant items to use for this purpose, and this was first done by the Romans.

Stone for measurement

Eventually, it was agreed that a stone weighing a specific amount, such as 14 pounds, should be referred to as a ‘stone’.

~ Fun Fact ~
Down through the centuries, a stone meant different things to different people. One of the strangest uses of this measurement involved weighing livestock and meat products in England. When a live animal was weighed, a stone represented 14 pounds. But when the cow, sheep, or other animal was slaughtered, its carcass or meat was weighed in a stone that represented 8 pounds! This practice continued until the mid-1900s.


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