Weight Of Stoves

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Designed to heat homes and cook food, stoves have existed in one shape or form since the Roman times.

They have become one of the most important indoor and outdoor appliances in modern dwellings and other buildings.

How Much Does a Stove Weigh?

The weight of a stove depends on a number of different factors, including the type of stove it is, who manufactured it, and its model.

Wood, electric, and gas stoves range in weight from around 50 to 800 pounds or more.

Interesting Facts:

Different types of stoves are now available that are fueled by wood, electricity, coal, pellets, and gas.

Today’s wood stoves have to be EPA-Certified and have specific emission levels that they cannot exceed.

Two types of wood stoves exist that follow these guidelines.

They include non-catalytic stoves and catalytic stoves, which include a component called a catalyst the smoke from a stove passes through.

Invented in the late 19th Century, electric fire stoves look very similar to wood stoves that burn solid fuel.

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They often come in sets that include a mantel, programmable thermostat, screen, fire box, adjustable LED lighting, and remote control.

Gas-powered stoves are another option for homeowners, business owners, and any other individuals or groups who need a reliable way to heat a building.

old gas stove

Anyone shopping for a gas stove can choose from a wide range of flue gas stoves and flueless gas stoves.

Fun Fact
Older stoves were basic models that were not always good for the environment and produced a wide range of dangerous and toxic fumes and gases. However, since EPA regulations were introduced in the late 1980s, less of these harmful emissions are produced by stoves. Modern stoves have improved so much, thanks to the latest designs and changes in this area, that they are now more than 7 times cleaner than most of their predecessors!


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