Weight Of Uhaul Trailer

Uhaul Trailer

Uhaul is one of the most widely recognized moving and storage companies in the United States.

Some of what you can rent from Uhaul includes moving accessories, storage, trucks, and trailers.

How much does a Uhaul trailer weigh?

When it comes to renting a trailer from Uhaul, there are many different options depending on what you intend to move.

Weights Of Various Sizes Of U-Haul Trailers

  • 6×12 Cargo Trailer – 1,920 pounds (870 kg)
  • 5×10 Cargo Trailer – 1,250 pounds (566 kg)
  • 5×8 Cargo Trailer – 900 pounds (408 kg)
  • 4×8 Cargo Trailer – 850 pounds (385 kg)
  • 6×12 Utility Trailer with Ramp – 2,290 pounds (1,038 kg)
  • 6×12 Utility Trailer w/o Ramp – 1,730 pounds (784 kg)
  • 5×9 Utility Trailer – 1,240 pounds (562 kg)
  • 5×8 Utility Trailer – 1,000 pounds (453 kg)
  • 4×7 Utility Trailer – 630 pounds (285 kg)

If you only want to move personal possessions, there is the cargo trailer which is fully enclosed.

For items that are bulky and oversized, you can rent a utility trailer which has an open design.

There is also a sports trailer, a trailer for towing cars, an auto transport trailer with full ramp, and a trailer for transporting motorcycles.

~ Fun Fact ~
In 2003 due to a large number of complaints and accidents over the Ford Explorer, U-Haul refused to rent trailers to anyone with one of these Explorer SUV’s.


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