Weight Of Uterus

Illustration with uterus holding baby

Also known as the womb, the uterus is responsible for development of the embryo and fetus during a pregnancy.

How much does a uterus weigh?

On average, the uterus weighs in at 50 to 60 grams, which is 1.5 to 2 ounces.

What you may not know is that the uterus is equally as important in everyday life than just during a pregnancy.

Illustration of uterus

For example, it helps in supporting your pelvic bone, bowel, and bladder.

It actually separates the bowels from the bladder.

The uterus is also one strong organ.

Although it is only 2 to 4 inches long and an inch thick, it provides the strength to help a woman deliver a full-term baby during childbirth.

How Much Does A Uterus Weigh With Fibroids?

Fibroid tumors, which can be the size of an orange or larger, can become quite heavy and create severe discomfort, as well.

It’s not uncommon for a uterus to weigh upwards of 40 to 50 pounds (18 to 20 kg) with a fibroid tumor.

In fact the largest known fibroid tumor weighed in at an astounding 140 pounds (63 kg)!

How Much Does A Uterus Weigh During Pregnancy?

During pregnancy a uterus will weigh around 2 pounds or more, which is much larger than normal when a woman is not pregnant.

Uterus with baby

~ Fun Fact ~
During pregnancy, the uterus will expand to more than 500 times its original size. It can take around 6 weeks or more for it to reduce back to its normal size.


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