Weight Of Wasp

wasp on a leaf

Every summer you find wasps making their nests throughout America, and the world as well.

Mess with them and you’ll experience a painful sting.

These flying insects pack a punch to be sure.

But how much does a wasp weigh?

Worker wasps weigh just 10 to 19 mg.

wasp on a table

How Much Does A Wasp Queen Weigh?

Queen wasps weigh in at a few milligrams higher than the worker wasps. They tip the scales at 21 to 25 mg.

How Long Do Wasps Live?

Queen wasps typically live up to 12 months; however, worker and drone wasps will only live 12 to 22 days, on average.

What Do Wasps Eat?

Wasps enjoy a large variety of food, including open soda cans, fruit that has fallen on the ground, nectar, and several other insects.

It’s interesting to learn that queen wasps do hibernate during the winter. But when they become active again in the spring, they do not go back to their previous nests.

wasp landing on a surface

Oddly enough, wasps do not sleep, and they shut down their flying after dark. They spend their time after dark doing nest maintenance and taking care of their family.

~ Fun Fact ~
Having a wasp’s nest on your house or garage can be a real nuisance for anyone. But nothing compares to what happened to one Australian family.

A family in Tasmania uncovered a 220-pound (100 kg) wasp nest on their property. Experts have estimated that the nest may have contained over 100,000 wasps!


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