Weight Of Anchor

Anchor on a wooden ship

Anchors are one of the most important pieces of equipment on ships, boats, and a wide range of other water vessels.

So how much does an anchor weigh?

Lightweight anchors, such as Danforth anchors, weigh as little as 2 pounds (.90 kg). Anchors used on vessels such as aircraft carriers, container ships, and cruise ships will weigh over 60,000 pounds (27,215 kg) each.

Anchor on a red ship

Made from strong materials such as wrought iron, steel covered in zinc or high-tensile aluminum-magnesium alloy, an anchor is dropped to the bottom of a body of water.

Once secured at the bottom of that body of water, the vessel it belongs to is prevented from moving or drifting away from its current location.

Different types of anchors are made up of different parts. Typical parts of an anchor include:

  • Shank
  • Crown
  • Stock
  • Tripping ring
  • Flukes
  • Bill
  • Throat

The most common types of anchors available today include:

  • Stockless
  • KLIP
  • ZY-6
  • D’Hone
  • Danforth
  • Hall
  • AC14
  • Spek
  • Kedge-Union
  • Pool
  • Bruce
  • FOB Admiralty
  • Buyers
  • Navy Stockless

Also known as the ‘holding power’, the size of an anchor depends on the weight of a ship or boat.

Blue anchor on a white ship

Extreme conditions, such as storms and rough seas also have to be factored in before a boat or ship owner chooses a particular size and type of anchor.

~ Fun Fact ~

The bigger the ship, the bigger the anchor it requires. The biggest ships in the world have enormous anchors, and they need to be attached to enormous chains. Maersk Triple E-Class is one of the biggest ships in the world when it’s carrying its cargo.

It measures 1,312 feet in length, is 194 feet wide, and has the capacity to carry 9,000 large containers. The chain used to haul anchor is also massive, and each of its links alone weigh around 500 pounds (226 kg)!


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