Weight Of Elk

Momma and baby elk

Elk, also known as Wapiti, are large members of the deer family.

These powerful, graceful animals were once found throughout the world, but they are now mainly found in Canada, Western United States, and Asia.

How Much Do Elk Weigh?

Tule elk are the smallest sub-species of elk, weighing in at between 370 to 550 pounds (167 to 249 kg).

elk in the weeds

The Roosevelt elk is the largest elk, and these enormous deer weighs between 570 pounds and 1,100 pounds (258 to 498 kg).

An elk calf weighs approximately 35 pounds (15 kg) when they are born.

What Do Elk Antlers Weigh?

elk with a big rack

Only male elk have antlers. Their antlers can measure up to four feet long and weigh as much as 40 pounds (18 kg).

That’s like trying to carry around 3 bowling balls on top of your head!

As well as being large, this type of deer is no slouch when it comes to running, and they are able to reach a top speed of up to 45 mph!

~ Fun Fact ~
Consuming so much food every day means it’s essential for an elk to have a good set of teeth. Two sharp canine teeth called ‘ivories’ and large, flat molars ensure that these deer are able to bite and chew their food properly.
As well as this, their teeth give a good insight into the history of each elk and how old they are. By taking a cross-section of one of their teeth, it’s possible to determine an elk’s age, similar to the way annual growth rings on a tree indicate the age of a tree!


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