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The iPhone, which is made by Apple, is one of the most successful and popular smartphones available. It is also one of the most advanced and expensive devices on the market today.

In September 2018 the new iPhone XS Max with its 6.5-inch screen and the iPhone XS with a 5.8-inch screen were released.

How much does an iPhone weigh?

The iPhone XS weighs 6.24 ouches (177grams).

The iPhone XS Max is a bit heavier at 7.33 ounces (208 grams).

The very first iPhone was released in January 2007. This first generation model weighed 4.76 ounces (135 grams).

As of November 2018, there have been 19 versions of the iPhone which have been released to date.

The lightest iPhone to ever be released was the iPhone 5 which was launched in 2012.

That model weighed 3.95 ounces (112grams), almost twice as light as the latest iPhone XS Max which is the heaviest model in the lineup.

To get your hands on the iPhone XS Max it will set you back at least $1099-$1449 depending on the storage options.

This not only makes it the most expensive iPhone ever but also one of the most expensive phones you can buy.

This helps to explain why Apple is one of the only trillion-dollar companies in the world.

How much does an iPhone 4 weigh?

The iPhone 4 weighs 4.8 ounces (137 grams).

How much does an iPhone 6 weigh?

It comes in at 4.55 ounces (128 grams).

How much does an iPhone 7 weigh?

The iPhone 7 weighs 4.87 ounces (138 grams).

How much does an iPhone 8 weigh?

An iPhone 8 weighs 5.22 ounces (148 grams).

How much does an iPhone X weigh?

An iPhone X weighs 6.14 ounces (174 grams).

~ Fun Fact ~
Did you know that as of 2018 Apple has sold more than 1 billion iPhones?


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