Weight Of Oscar Academy Award


One of the most iconic statues and awards in the world is The Oscar, which is instantly recognizable.

But how much does an Oscar weigh?

An Academy Award Oscar weighs 8.5 pounds (3.85 kg).

It stands at 13.5 inches tall.

Each statue is made of bronze and plated with 24 karat gold and costs around $400 to produce.

The first Oscar ceremony was a banquet held in 1929 to honor those who had made outstanding achievements within the film industry.

To date since 1929, more than 3,000 Oscars have been produced. The statue depicts a knight with a sword standing on a reel of film.

The Oscar is just a nickname and the official title is The Academy Award of Merit.

If you are lucky enough to win an Oscar it is not officially yours to keep. It is on loan from the Academy. That basically means you cannot sell it and if you do attempt to, you could have a legal battle on your hands.

The only place you can sell or give up your Oscar is back to the academy itself. They will give you the princely sum of $1 for your award.

If you manage to get your hands on an Oscar prior to 1950, then this is yours to do as you wish as the rules were different before then.

Gone with the wind took an Oscar for best picture in 1940. The Oscar was later sold at auction for $1.54 million.

~ Fun Fact ~
The youngest person to ever win an Oscar was Tatum O’ Neal at just 10 years old, for best supporting actress.


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