Weight Of Jupiter

Jupiter sunset

As the largest planet in our solar system, Jupiter is made up of various gases and liquids, including hydrogen, helium, methane, water vapor, ammonia, and small amounts of other substances.

Jupiter dwarfs the earth and most of our other neighboring planets and has a mass of almost 2 times the mass of all the other planets in our solar system put together.

How much does Jupiter weigh?

Its mass is 1,898,000,000,000 tons, which is equivalent to 318 Earths.

It has 4 rings and it is the 5th planet from the sun and takes 11.86 years to orbit the sun.

Picture of Jupiter from space

Its 63 moons, also known as Jovian satellites, surround Jupiter. Ganymede, which is Jupiter’s largest moon, is also the largest moon in our solar system.

Due to its huge size, Jupiter is clearly visible in the night sky. The Earth could fit into this planet 1,300 times.

This enormous planet has played a huge role in a wide range of cultures for hundreds of years, and the Romans even named their king of the gods after it!

How Much Do You Weigh on Jupiter?

Jupiter’s gravity is more than 2 ½ time stronger than the Earth’s.

Editorial picture of Jupiter

If it was possible to stand on Jupiter, a person weighing 100 pounds here on Earth would weigh around 265 pounds if they were on Jupiter.

Fun Fact
If you think we have bad weather conditions here on Earth, think again because they are nothing compared to the conditions on Jupiter. Living on Jupiter would be impossible. Its temperature plummets to – 234 degrees Fahrenheit, and it experiences fierce storms.

Bands appear across Jupiter, where winds up to 400 mph blow and Jupiter also has what’s called its ‘Great Red Spot’. This is a massive hurricane over three times the size of earth, that has been in existence for over 300 years!


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