Weight Of Saturn

Saturn on a nighttime background

Saturn is the second largest planet in our solar system, and it is the sixth planet from the sun. Its instantly recognizable rings set it apart from all other neighboring planets.

So how much does Saturn weigh?

Scientists have estimated that Saturn weighs 626464461913.237 US tons. This is approximately 95 times heavier than Earth.

Saturn is also 74,898 miles wide. That is over 9 times wider than the Earth.

Saturn during a sunset over the ocean

The planet is made up of gases, which mainly includes helium. It has 53 official moons, and it’s believed there are more moons that have yet to be discovered.

What Are Saturn’s Rings Made Of?

The distinctive rings around Saturn that appear around the planet are not solid. These huge rings are made from ice, rock, and dust particles. They range in size from a tiny grain of sand to as much as a mile in diameter.

Saturn has played a huge role in ancient mythology and religion, especially during the time of the Roman Empire. The planet was considered the god of farming, time, and liberation.

Saturn from space

The Greeks also worshipped this planet and their equivalent to the god Saturn was called Chronos. Saturn is still an important part of many cultures. One of our days of the week (Saturday) is named after this planet.

How Much Does a 100-Pound Person Weigh on Saturn?

It’s estimated that gravity on Saturn is approximately 107% the gravity of Earth. This means that a person who weighs 100 pounds on Earth weighs 107 pounds on Saturn.

Fun Fact
The most powerful hurricanes and tornados on Earth reach wind speeds of up to 200 to 250 miles an hour. However, on Saturn, it’s a different story. Winds on Saturn’s equator are much more powerful, with speeds of up to 1,118 miles per hour possible!


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