Weight Of Skin


Skin covers most of a person’s body, and it is the largest organ we have.

Your skin also weighs more than you might think. How much does it weigh?

An easy way to figure out how much skin weighs is to take your body weight and multiply it by 16 percent.

skin with sweat on it

A 200-pound person would have 32 pounds of that total in skin weight.

Covering as much as 20 square feet, skin continually sheds and then renews itself. It gets renewed every 28 days and most people don’t realize it, but they can shed as much as 1 ½ million skin cells every hour!

~ Fun Fact ~

Skin is thicker in some places than it is in other places, depending on what support, protection, and elasticity is required in a specific area of the body. Your feet have the thickest covering of skin, measuring 1.4 millimeter in depth, while each of your eyelids have the thinnest amount of skin, which is only 0.02 millimeters thick!

foot with skin issues


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