Weight Of Stanley Cup

Stanly Cup

For hockey players and fans, the Stanley Cup is the holy grail. Every year a new champion is crowned and the winning team gets their names engraved and is allowed to keep the trophy for the summer.

How much does the Stanley Cup weigh?

It weighs in at 34.5 pounds (15.64 kg).

The cup stands 35.25 inches tall.

Named after Lord Stanley of Preston, who was then the Governor General of Canada, it was originally awarded to the top-ranking hockey team in Canada.

Interestingly, Lord Stanley purchased the cup for a mere $50.

It was awarded by the National Hockey Association as the championship trophy back in 1910.

In 1926, the National Hockey League (NHL) officially awarded the trophy to the league’s championship winning team.

Since 1995, a new tradition was started in which each player on the winning team gets to keep the cup for a day. A book could be written on all the stories of where the cup has traveled during this time.

~ Fun Fact ~
Superstitions are a part of any sport, but hockey players take it to a different level. As a long-standing tradition, players NEVER touch the Stanley Cup until they actually win it.


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