Weight Of Bushel Of Wheat

Bushel Of Wheat

Where would we be without wheat? It provides us with everything from delicious cereals for breakfast to the bread we use for our favorite sandwiches, pizzas, and subs.

After corn and beans, wheat is one of the largest crops grown in the United States.

What is the weight of a bushel of wheat?

A bushel of wheat will weigh 60 pounds (27 kg).

It will contain around 1 million kernels of wheat.

You could fit approximately 1000 bushels of wheat in a grain hopper truck, which is around 60,000 pounds per load.

The bushel, which is used in the United States, is a unit of measurement which based on the Winchester bushel which goes back to 15th Century England.

In earlier times farming products such as wheat, grain, and corn were measured according to how many you could fit in a bushel basket.

Today most farming commodities are measured by the bushel with each having a different weight.

One acre of farmland can provide around 40 bushels of wheat.

One single bushel of wheat will provide you with about 42 pounds of flour or around 70 loaves of bread.

It will also provide around 45 boxes of wheat cereal.

Wheat is not only used as a food product. It is also used in the production on many household items including stamps, shampoo, and cabinets.

~ Fun Fact ~
The average person in America will eat around 193 sandwiches per year.


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