Weight Of Rottweilers


The Rottweiler originated in Germany and was used primarily as working dogs in herding sheep and pulling carts of various supplies and goods to local markets.

Today the Rottweiler is still a working dog, mainly used within law enforcement for various roles including public order and search and rescue.

These big powerful dogs are known for their strength.

Male Rottweilers weigh 110 to 130 pounds (50 to 60 kg) on average.

Females generally weigh 80 to 105 pounds (36 to 48 kg).

A Rottweiler will be loyal to its owner but can be wary or even temperamental against strangers.

These dogs can inflict severe injury if they bite or attack. Usually, their aggressive nature is a result of a poor upbringing.

A Rotty is also known as Metzgerhund in Germany which means butchers dog. Years ago. the Rottweiler would work for the butcher guarding money and hauling carts of meat.

Rottweilers, like some other breeds, like to lean against human legs. This behavior is thought to derive from the fact that they used to herd cattle by leaning against them.

It was the Romans who first started using Rottweilers in the German town of Rottweil.

As soon as the railways came into use the Rottweiler almost became extinct as farmers no longer needed them.

During World War 2 Rottweilers were used extensively for search and rescue as well as carrying messages.

~ Fun Fact ~
An immigrant from Germany brought the first Rottweiler to the United States in 1920.


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