Who Was The Heaviest U.S. President?

There have been a number of presidents who have been overweight through the years, but who was the heaviest U.S. president?

William Howard Taft was the heaviest.

He was president from 1909-1913 and during his presidency he weighed 332 pounds (150 kg).

Some have claimed that Taft weighed up to 380 pounds, but this was never been verified.

Interestingly, there is an urban legend that Taft once got himself stuck inside the presidential bathtub due to his large girth.

It should be noted that Taft was aware of his weight issue and went on a diet to lose weight. He managed to lose 60 pounds.

Who was the next heaviest president?

No, it’s not Donald Trump. It’s Grover Cleveland, who weighed in at 275 pounds (124 kg).

~ Fun Fact ~
William Taft has the distinction of being the only former president to also serve as a U.S. Supreme Court Justice. After leaving office in 1913, Taft became a Chief Justice in 1921. He served until 1930.


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